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In the complex world of royalty management, we optimize the revenue from our clients and we minimize their taxes. Adminius takes a lot of work away from you, whilst ensuring that you get what you deserve. We do that better than you can. That's not arrogance, that's realistic. Our organization works effectively. This is how we make innovation rewarding.

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Knowing and understanding each other plays an important role when it comes to royalty management. We can tell you a lot about this, but a partnership with Adminius is something that you must actually experience. We work closely together, get to know each other extensively, and grow a mutual trust. This is how we make innovation rewarding.

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Businesses thrive on innovation. You cannot stand still; you always have to walk new paths. This also applies to Adminius. We are specialized in royalty management and focussing on continuous improvement of our processes and systems. We learn more and more every day and, with our knowledge and experience, we continue to move ahead. This is how we make innovation rewarding.

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We have given the word 'accurate' a new meaning. In the past few years, Adminius has developed into an intelligent back-office that allows us to manage global reporting, collection, and distribution of royalties. Royalties and taxes are administrated on a highly detailed level and royalty distributions are calculated using up to 7 decimals. Calculations you can trust. This is how we make innovation rewarding.

Adminius is an independent back-office for licensors and licensing companies, providing royalty administration and management services.

We truly believe that every innovation deserves a fair reward
and we will do anything to optimize revenues and make the
collection of royalties more efficient and effective.
We make innovation rewarding.

Our services

Royalty Administration

Royalty Invoicing, Collection and Distribution

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Royalty Compliance Management

Reporting, Analyzing, Track and follow-up, Perform Royalty Audits

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Withholding Tax Management

Withholding Tax Document Management and Withholding Tax Administration

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Customized Solutions

Design, setup, and implement any specifics you may wish for your licensing program.

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Business Intelligence Reporting

Custom-made real-time reports.  Adminius reports by transforming raw data into useful information.

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Adminius has proven experience and expertise in supporting licensing organizations in the processes of pool formation and drafting licensing agreements.

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Unlike Edison, Tesla did not fully monetize his inventions.
He ended up penniless. Don’t let Tesla’s fate become your future.
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